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Monday 6 May 2024

100 Golden Words of Imam Ali (R.A)

 1. Do not speak to the people about everything you hear, this is enough as a stupidity.

2. Do not use the bad words even though answering is hard for you.

3. No goodness lies in silence with wisdom, as there is no goodness in saying with ignorance.

4. Speak and you shall be known, for the person is hidden under his tongue.

5. Do not say what you do not know, but do not say everything you know.

6. If the mind is complete, speaking would be much lesser.

7. The tongue is a lion, if set free it would kill.

8. The heart of the stupid is in his mouth, and the tongue of the wise man is in his heart.

9. The tongue of the wise man is behind his heart, and the heart of the stupid is behind his tongue.

10. Being mute is better than lying.

11. Speech has beasts for it.

12. Blabbering too much shall make the guest bored and the boss dishonoured.

13. Muting is better than the ill speech.

14. Blabbering is a shame.

15. The tongue of everyone shall speaks for his mind.

16. The clue to the man’s mind lies in the goodness of his speech.

17. The silly one shall not be straight except by the bitter speech.

18. Silence is a sign of kindness.

19. The tongue is the translator of the mind.

20. The clue to the mind of anyone lies in what goes on his tongue.

21. The best companion for kindness, silence.

22. No keeper is better than silence.

23. The wise one is he who holds his tongue back.

24. Do not lower someone until you make him speak.

25. It is part of the man’s wisdom to not speak with everything he knows.

26. No keeper keeps more than silence does.

27. Who holds his tongue, is safe from regretting.

28. Who sets his tongue free, shows how silly he is.

29. No worshipping is like being silent.

30. Who gives bad talk in abundant, shall be blamed a lot.

31. Do not speak with what you are afraid to be not believed.

32. Who has a truthful speech, his clue shall be stronger.

33. Do not accompany who has no mind.

34. Who has the good speech, success lies in front of him.

35. Who has the bad speech, his luck shall be bad.

36. Who speaks a lot, shall be mistaken a lot.

37. Who answers rapidly, shall not know the right thing.

38. Who speaks a lot, people shall be bored with him.

39. Who has the sweet tongue shall have brothers in abundant.

40. For every level there is a speech.

41. Who speaks a lot shall be mistaken.

42. Who speaks in easy words shall be loved.

43. Who speaks a lot, his mistakes are abundant.

44. The truthful tongue for a man is more useful than money.

45. Who speaks a lot shall fall down a lot.

46. The speech of the man is the balance of his mind.

47. Who checks his speech shall be mistaken a little.

48. Who becomes silent is safe from being blamed.

49. Who speaks a lot is not safe from falling.

50. How many a blood that was shed by a mouth.

51. How many a word that took away a favour.

52. Who straightens his tongue, balanced his brain.

53. Straighten your tongue and you shall be safe.

54. Who speaks a little, his sins are less.

55. He is a winner, the silent pious one.

56. Who makes his tongue his own commander, killed himself.

57. The virtue of the man is known from his saying.

59. Who imprisons his tongue, is safe from regretting. [Wrong numbering in the book itself, ignore it].

60. The cover of bad things is silence.

61. Blessedness for him, who is silent except for the mention of Allah.

62. The silence of the ignorant is his veil.

63. The law of the means to say the ugly speech.

64. The mistake of the tongue would destroy the human being.

65. The reason for safety is silence.

66. May there be a word that stole away a favour.

68. May there be a blabbering that might bring evil. [Wrong numbering in the book itself, ignore it].

69. May there be a saying that is harder than a fight.

70. May there be a disturbance that was initiated by a saying.

71. May there be a saying whose answer is to be silent.

72. May there be a saying that silence is better than it.

73. May there be a tongue that destroys the human.

74. May there be a war that was started by a word.

75. The clue of the mind of the man is his saying.

76. The edge of the tongue is sharper than the edge of the sword.

77. The beautiful saying is a sign of the good mind.

78. May there be silence that is more eloquent than speech itself.

79. May there be a speech that penetrates more than arrows do.

80. To not answer the silly one, that is the best answer for him.

81. The adversity of the human lies in his tongue.

82. The speech of the man predicts his tongue’s strength.

83. If you want to speak, say the truth.

84. If you talked, say the truth.

85. May the mercy of Allah be upon him who said good and gains, or went silent and been safe.

86. If the quantity of speeches was low, then the right things done are abundant.

87. The throw that hits the target the most, the right saying.

88. The silliest silly, is he who takes pride in the bad saying.

89. The most tiresome time for a wise man is when he speaks to a silly man.

90. The most low of wisdom is what stops on the tongue.

91. The best silence is toward the mistakes.

92. The worst of sayings is blabbering.

93. Be aware of blabbering, for whose talk is abundant, his sins are abundant as well.

94. Be aware of the tongue, for it is an arrow that might astray.

95. Avoid blabbering for the least thing it can bring is the blame.

96. Hold on the silence, for the least good thing it can do is give safety.

97. Hear and you will learn, and be silent and you will be safe.

98. Treasure your tongue, like you do with your gold and papers.

99. Lessen the talk and you are safe from the blame.

100. Be silent in your time and your matter will be glorified.


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